Meet the Teacher


Hi Guys! Alicia Atkins here! Im so excited to start this journey with you. 

I'm  the Founder and Music Instructor of Innovative Piano Studio. I've  been playing piano since the age of 7 and it brings me joy to be able to share this passion with my students. From day one, you will learn important foundational techniques to help you  boost your skills and self-esteem. I understand  that each student has their own unique learning style, and it’s my duty to find out what that is and adapt my lessons accordingly.  I will be catering to children as young as 3 and adults and I will help them discover their full potential, while taking on an approach that focuses on patience and self encouragement through the art of music.  Through my unique and personalized teaching methods, my students will be able to develop study habits and effective learning strategies that will last for a lifetime. I have been teaching since 2016 and I've always been passionate in helping others on their musical journey.  My career brings me such fulfillment and joy!  It’s such a thrill and daily adventure to help my students discover the gifts they have within themselves and give them opportunities to share those gifts with others.  I strive to make sure all of my students also have a lot of fun along the way!  I believe in cultivating a warm environment full of positivity and love, which I believe is the most productive to learning and creativity.