About IPS

Innovative Piano Studio offers personalized lessons and instructive services to students in the upstate of South Carolina and are highly committed to helping others discover and reach their full potential. We offer a well rounded curriculum which includes note reading, ear training, music appreciation, and much more. We focus on developing your own unique style and becoming an Innovative Musician. IPS is about having fun, discovering the music within, and learning tools to create and interpret the beautiful and powerful language of music! I believe that everyone is capable of learning and enjoying music.  The benefits of studying a musical instrument have been proven time and again to improve many areas of our lives!  Music is a language that speaks to us all regardless of age, culture, native language, or life experience. Music touches our emotions, triggers memories, helps us move when we are happy, soothes our sorrow, and eases anxiety. When individuals embark upon a journey of musical discovery, no two paths are the same!  We all learn in our own unique way and we all express ourselves differently.  Music gives us an outlet to focus our attention, create disciplined practice habits, and touch others with its beauty. 

Studies show that children who study a musical instrument have these outcomes: 

• Score higher in math and reading

• Have improved hand-eye/ hand-finger coordination

• Have improved memory

• Learn to cope with stress 

• Have better conflict-resolution skills

• Are improved in their athletic endeavors

• Have better time-management skills

• Learn healthy study habits

• Learn how to stick with things and see them through till the end

• Have improved self-esteem and fewer episodes of anxiety or depression

• Learn to read faster at the Pre-K level

• Learn rhythm and movement coordination

• Has faster development of fine/gross motor skills

• Music study creates new neuro-pathways in the brain

• Music study stimulates the same areas of the brain as one who is studying a second language

I could go on and on!  Let me conclude by sharing what music has done for me.  From a very early age and through many seasons of my life, both good and bad, music has been a joy and a comfort in more ways than I could write.  I am blessed as one who has reaped its many benefits and I live my life to share that joy with the parents and students of IPS.